NOC Metals

NOC Metals Tungsten Carbide Powder & Ready-to-Press Powder in USA

NOC Metals

Tungsten Carbide Powder & Ready-to-Press Powder for Press and Sinter

✅ Reliability: Consistent quality that you can depend on.
✅ Availability: Avoid delays with our extensive inventory.
 Quality Guaranteed: Full satisfaction or your money back.

Why Choose NOC Metals

For over 30 years, NOC Metals has provided quality tungsten carbide powder and ready-to-press powder for press and sinter operations. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the reliability of materials undergirds the foundation of any consistent product line.


That’s why we offer uncompromising quality – backed by a money-back guarantee – on each and every order. To ensure your manufacturing process never misses a beat, we maintain a large, diverse, and reliable inventory of both tungsten carbide powders and ready-to-press powders, always ready to meet your press and sinter needs.

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July 2024